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  1. 15 Years of News – Analyzing CNN Transcripts: Topics

    [caption id="attachment_1063" align="alignleft" width="150"]High-level time-based visualization of topics in our corpus High-level visualization of topics in CNN's corpus[/caption]

    As we saw in the previous article, temporal analysis of individual keywords can be very interesting and uncover interesting trends, but it can be difficult to get an overview of a whole corpus. There’s …

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  2. 15 Years of News – Analyzing CNN Transcripts: Visualizing Topics

    [caption id="attachment_1080" align="alignleft" width="150"]chart-scatter High-level visualization of topics in CNN’s corpus[/caption]

    By extracting several topics from our news corpus, we gained a 10,000 feet view of corpus. We were able to outline many trends and events, but it took a bit of digging. This …

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  3. 15 Years of News – Analyzing CNN Transcripts: Timelines

    [caption id="attachment_980" align="alignleft" width="150"]image0 Kibana shows that “elections”is a keyword that has a spike every 4 year[/caption]

    With 15 years of CNN transcripts loaded a database, I could now run queries to visualize the occurrences of words - like names - across time. Since I used a …

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  4. Map of scientific collaboration (Redux!)

    Several years ago, I created a map of scientific collaborations. The attention this map obtained surpassed my wildest expectations; it got published in the scientific and popular press all around the world! I had mainly forgotten about it until I received an email that rekindled my interest in this visualization …

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